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'Through a 7 chakra alignment'

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How I work (Live and Distance)

At the moment you feel the call for an ENERGY CLEANSE , you can contact me.
You can fully trust that EVERYTHING from there on has its own proces, timing and unfolding. 

1. We will plan a 15 min acquaintance call to tune into your question (I try to plan this within one week). 

2. Scheduling a session Live or at Distance via Zoom / Facetime (the effect is the same)

3. Setting your intention for this Energy Cleanse

3. The Energy Cleanse will take about 45 minutes

4. Payment Cash, Bank transfer or Paypal

5. Follow up and after care via voice message, to briefly check in with you


What happens during an Energy Cleanse session ?

I will work live or on a distance by tuning into your energy field after your permission and via your name. 

I will feel into your field and ask your being and your guides to guide towards your energy field. 

From there I start the cleanse. The cleanse will be focused on the alignment of your 7 main chakra's. 
It will show you which theme is present in your life and wants to be seen, heard and felt.
I will share the information with you that I come across. 

An energy cleanse will offer you a more spacious and peaceful state of being.  You can experience more clarity within your mind, body and overall alignment. 

You can experience a better understanding of yourself, your life situation, relationships and/ or choices.

An Energy Cleanse is meant as a personal refreshment that can bring you back to yourself and center

It will show you where and what creates blockages and leaking of your energy and help you to restore this to a more balanced state of being.

It's is a healing space that is filled with integrity, non-judgement, unconditional love, freedom and safety.

The more you are able to open and be receptacle the greater you can feel power of subtle and shifts changes in your field.

Practical tips : 

  • You can bring in a question or you can let your Energy Field, your Being, your Soul, your Higher Self, let it tell the story.

  • A energy cleanse will be done on basis of your name. When you call your name, I will be able to connect with your frequency, your energy. 

  • Only that which is of importance to the theme of the energy cleanse, will become visible and mentioned. 

  • Most of the information during an energy cleanse will be recognised by yourself. I always compare It with your conscious and subconsciousness . During an energy cleanse you will be confirmed by that information that comes to the surface and wants to be seen. Your essence will guide me. 

Pricing for 1,25h Energy Cleanse is € 55,-  
(45 min energy cleanse + 2 x 15 min before and after care)


Result of an energy cleanse

The 'goal' of an energy cleanse is to give you a sense of alignment, inner space and peacefulness

It can offer you:

  • A deep sense of calmness and softness

  • Clarity to make choices and feel your truth

  • More overall energy OR ability to allow tiredness to be released

  • A feeling on (inner) connection 

  • A greater ability to feel joy and fulfilment 

  • Feeling more grounded within yourself 

  • Less fears and blockages, more trust

  • Less suffering through uplifting of your overall energy

Why book an Energy Cleanse with me?

  • My priority is to guide you towards your self healing abilities and inner knowing

  • My sessions can help you in feeling comfortable in emotional intimacy 

  • I like to guide you towards the depth and ancient being that you are to create a greater sense of grounding

  • I can help you connect with your spirit guides, animal spirits and healing helpers

  • I can help you clear past and current life cords

  • My sessions can include practical tools to integrate the reading into daily live

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