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Dogwalking service 
     'The Pack'

Dogwalking service 'The Pack'

Dogwalking 'The Pack' was born from the desire of creating a balanced & fun dog school pack for Sue to stay happy, healthy, confident, intellectuality and physically challenged and well-socialized. As well as for me as a side job, next to my intuitive work. Nature is one of my greatest teachers and best way to recharge, release and feel grounded in my body.
The many walking adventures Sue and me make are always so much more colourful and fun when other dogs join. That is how the idea for 'The pack' Dogwalking service was born. 

Over the last 8 years we hosted many dog friends at our home. Many different breeds, sizes and personalities. All having basic skills of obedience, yet a few naughty ones or suspicious unexperienced shelter ones that have grown so much while joining our pack. A good listener like Sue helps to set a good example in collaboration.

Now living in the Algarve, we have more time and space to create a daily routine to walk with a larger pack to:
- Train his/her confidence in relation to other dogs by finding their spot within the pack 

- Releasing their energy by long walks and play time 

- Challenging their intellect by creating a diverse yet balanced group and alternate different walking surroundings

It's their time to Just.Be.A.Dog

Play, Sniff, Explore, Meet , Release and Reset

A side from having a loving, safe home with you and healthy food and water...

I believe being part of a balanced dog pack is a great way for you and your dog to feel HAPPY and FREE.

About Sue:
Sue becomes 8 years in February 2023. She's a mix breed between a Belgian Shepherd (mom) and a Golden Retriever (dad). She loves humans, the cuddles and the playtime. She masters this interaction, many people get enchanted by her soft and open approach. Like her mom she likes to work and be active. Like her father she can be clumpsy and funny too. She loves to herdel farm animals and does that with the gentle touch of a golden retriever. 
In a pack of dogs she likes to shepherd around to gather everyone. It normally takes her 2-4 walks to melt a bit of her seriousness and start playing.  Her favourite things to do are:

1. Herding sheep and chickens

2. Chasing a ball at the beach

3. Getting cuddles from humans

4. Running through high grass chased by other dogs
5. Making adventures long walks

About me:
Read on this page..

My Dogwalking offer 


1 hour walk + Pick up & drop off service 

They are in total 2-3 hours away from home

€ 12,50 per walk or € 40 for 4 walks* 

+ after one walk the possibility for a 


Would you like to get a better understanding about your dog's behaviour? A dog reading can help you to deepen the connection with your dog. It will be a translation of his or her current state of being. Their energy will guide me through the reading and I will translate this into a written reading back to you. 

It will be a 30 min reading + 30 min writing € 45,-  


* to be used within 3 months

Terms of conditions to fit the pack 

  • There will be first a meet & greet before I can agree on taking your dog to join 'The Pack'

  • Your dog must be non-aggressive, and well socialized with other dogs and people

  • Your dog must have basic obedience (sit, stay, come) and strong recall

  • Please inform me if your dog has any health issues and/or medication

  • I can not hold any financial responsibility for any damages your dog makes on other peoples possessions or other dogs and or animals.

  • Owners provide collars and leads, for the walk I will add my contact information on their collar

  • In case of sharing your house keys, I agree in on only entering your house to pick up your dogs for a walk.

  • Cancellation please 24hrs before our walking date


Pick up times as from 10.00 -10.45

Walking time 11.00 - 12.15 

Drop off time 12.30 - 13.15


Pick up times as from 14.00 -14.45

Walking time 15.00 - 16.15 

Drop off time 16.30 - 17.15

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