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Sistercircles & Retreat dates


Upcoming Events & Retreats

Sistercircle 'You are my reflection
Date: end of July 2023
Where: Bensafrim, Portugal

Twice a month, We, two dedicated sisters are holding space for us for more intimacy, vulnerability, healing, clarity and empowerment

An intimate space to open up 
To reflect and recognize
To safe space to feel tender, vulnerable
A space to celebrate yourself and your sister
A space to reclaim your power 
A sacred space to find your truth, your center and alignment

July 2023 

Aug 2023 

Sept 2023 

3-days Womancircle Retreat Algarve 

'Rituals to soften, release, explore, integrate and empower'

Oct 2023 

Held by creative source of the healed and divine feminine 
Grounded by the protective healed and divine masculine...

offered by Ishara - Sabine 

This retreat will be a 3 day Woman and Healing Circle where you will experience a safe and grounded space to open up. To soften and feel, listen, taste and dive deeper within your own senses. To get a better understanding of 'YOUR WAY' of expression, your needs, your inward connection, your potential, your inner labyrinth and the things that are holding you back. 

This 3- day retreat is a space where you will feel supported and guided by others and yourself. 
It is a place where your inner voice will be honoured for it's wisdom and guidance

It's a place where you will experience a creative sensuous space to just explore, play and open up .. 

This 3 - day program allows you as well to have free time as well to explore the surroundings by bike, car, kano. Or to relax at the beach, book a (aquatic) massage, ride some longboard waves, hike parts of the fisherman trail, join yoga classes, try some of the many local pastries and so much more. 


Introduction offer € 555,- p.p

(including 4 nights, 3 bio-vega meals, private tipi tent or room, pick up ride from Lagos)

3 day Program includes

Opening & Closing Ceremony, Groupreading, Grouphealing & Sharing Circle, Telepatic Writing, Cacao ceremony,  Movement Medicine, Yoga & Pranayama 


+ optional surf session , rapé 1:1 ceremony ,  massage 

For more info, please contact me via email or phone



starting date: November 2023



A 4-week programme to develop, learn and unravel the layers and voices of your inner world.

Reclaiming your energy

Reclaiming your power by becoming your own seer & guidance

For more info about the programme contact me via : or


Previous Events

Nov 2023 

Womenscircle June & November 2021

June location : Mahara , Amsterdam

November location : Valverde Retreat , Pedralva , Portugal  

  • Meditation 

  • Sharing 

  • Group reading 

  • Raw Cacao or Chaga Tea 

  • Telepatic Writing 

  • Sharing 

  • Movement Medicine 

  • Group Healing 

  • Closing circle 

Develop and discover your more of your own intuitive abilities 

  • Fun and easy practices to discover your own intuitive skills 

  • Find out your learning theme for this moment 

  • Set an intention for the day and find your answer

  • Receive a group healing 

  • Receive a personal reading 

  • Tap into the energy of 2021 and let it speak to you via telepatic writing 

Location in Amsterdam 

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