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More about me ..

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Yes, I'm a certified reader and intuitive healer, however I believe it's the way you 'walk your talk' that makes one valuable in this working field. 


So let's get real. I am not here to tell you, I'm enlighten and healed from all my heaviness and counteracting patterns. I believe that this raw truth is refreshing, down to earth and makes my work so powerful.


It was such a big search for me, growing up in a very rational environment, whereas successful achievements where praised and socially fitting in was the norm. 


My search for the meaning of life was inevitable. I already perceived beyond my five senses and knew; 'we are so much more than our physical bodies.' Our being exist holistically. Our health derives from the balance between mind, body, emotions and spirit. Our energy field is the basis of all of this. It's information and very subtle in its matter. Yet the most profound and complete way of approaching yourself, your health, your life. 

Over the last 20 years I became so practiced in finding my way in my own inner labyrinth I discovered the huge advantages and gifts I can share with others. 

Professionally developing my intuitive readers and healers abilities sharped and tuned my clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. It also helped me realised that my high sensitivity is not a burden but a big gift -if known how to handle it in this fast world-. 

I needed to face my anxiety, burn out, tendency for depression, addiction, self-doubt, insecureness, fear of speaking, allergy and chronic injuries. I discovered the why's and how's of all the above difficulties. Via energy readings and healings I was able to release blockages and found new ways of taking care of myself.

"The more I was able to see and feel myself, the more I found my power, authenticity, strengths, voice, health and overall balance."

I know all my answers lie within, however sometimes it can be very helpful if someone helps you with finding your way inwardly. It's like calibrating your personal compass again.

Journey of studies with certifcation

Resonance Amsterdam

Training coaching intuitive development

2019 Applied intuitive healer (1 year)

2018 Intuitive reader (2 years) 

2016 Intuitive personal development I

2015 Intuitive personal development II

Virtual School- Christel Jansen -  Kauai - Hawaï

2019-2020 Telepatic Writing Salon

2015 - 2020 Various Intuitive Soul Reading masterclasses (animals, dreamwalks, energy maturity)

Shanti Atma International Yin Yoga TT School

150hr. Yin Yoga Teachers Training

Hotelschool The Hague

2007-2010 International FastTrack

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